My name is Aaron Mitti, I am a technology executive at GE Transportation. I am an expert at implementing software solutions with cloud, web, mobile and embedded applications and have a diverse background in the transportation industry.

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Sri Lanka and India

I’m just getting back from visiting our new office in Colombo, Sri Lanka and our campus in Bangalore, India. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful hospitality, it was an educational couple of weeks and I really enjoyed meeting everyone.

One Last Atlanta Hike

Ki’s brother and his girlfriend were up visiting, took the opportunity to enjoy a bit of spring and take one last hike in Atlanta.

Chicago Bound

If you haven’t already heard, we’re on our way to the Windy City. GE Transportation is opening it’s new Digital Solutions headquarters in Chicago and we’re in the process of relocating. After a few weeks of searching we’ve now found a place to live and we’ll be there in about 2 – 3 weeks.

Model Railroad Display

I’ve been working on a small model railroad display for a little while, I thought I’d show my progress so far…

Driving down the PCH

Kiley and I had a weekend free in California and took a nice drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. It was a little chilly in the morning but was beautiful. This trip is definitely worth a repeat in a nicer car, convertible ideally.

My New Quilt

A number of years ago I saw a quilt in the background of a photo for a mid-century bench I was looking at on eBay. I wrote the seller hoping they might be willing to part with the quilt, but no luck. Fortunately, I was able to find enough photos of it from their other listings to piece together the complete pattern. My sister Kelli’s now finished replicating it (and enhancing as I wanted a larger King version). It’s awesome, thanks for a great christmas gift!

Drone Photos

The guys were helping my sister fix her internet problem and we decided a drone could help. (any excuse) The first few photos are of my sisters place, the last few of my parents and the farm.

Later Summer Michigan Trip

Some Random photos from our summer trip to Michigan this year. We visited the Eastern Market in Detroit and I ran into this really cool Jeep concept vehicle. I think I’m itching to buy another Jeep now..

Nick and Audrey’s Wedding

Coming back from a friend’s wedding at their farm. Here’s a few random photos..

Summer Trip to Chicago

Just for fun we decided to spend a long weekend in Chicago. Absolutely beautiful weather, can’t wait to come back.