Tesla Super Chargers

I came home at night recently and found that Tesla Super Charging Stations suddenly appeared in the garage where we live. The Tesla P85D is that much more tempting now. Given the distances we often drive for vacation I don’t think I’m ready to have this as my only car, but if my practical daily driver was about 700hp that’d be okay.

Henry Ford Museum

Over the holiday we went with bunch of friends to the Henry Ford Museum in the Detroit area. I think the last time I was there I was 12 years old, I had a great time. I actually didn’t know the Thomas Edison co-sponsered the museum, it was neat to see all of the vintage GE machines as well.

Nick & Audrey Visiting

Nick and Audrey came down for the weekend, we did some hiking, bar hopping, etc., had a blast.

Back in New Orleans

This week I was once again visiting New Orleans on business. I had a great tour of the city’s rail network and of course had some great food while I was there. It’s always a pleasure to visit this city. Check out some shots of the 1927 Pullman dinning cars and historic round table below.

Summer Fun

We headed back to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens now that everything is in full bloom, the sculptures were awesome.

Ki was visiting friends in Fort Worth, Texas so I dropped in for the weekend for some fun. Old Fort Worth was pretty cool, I took some photos of the old round table near the stockyards.

The last trip of the summer was to Michigan to see friends and family. The weather was beautiful as always. My sister Kelli is building a house, it was great to see the progress.

Exploring Georgia

Jas was in town visiting last week. While I was a bit under the weather (and subsequently Kiley as well), we did manage to have some fun. We did the usual tourist thing, a big hit was the Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, I actually ended up with a speaking role. We also did manage to do a bit of exploring too…

Stone Mountain was beautiful, it’s basically a giant rock about 25 minutes from downtown. It had some great hikes, I only wish I was up to seeing more. I got some wonderful photos, I definitely want to head back another time. As a side note, I’ve been thinking about starting up a model railroad project and this place was great inspiration. I’d like to take a ride sometime when their line is in service.

The Atlanta Botanical Garden was a bit of surprise. I actually had fairly low expectations given the fact this was the north end of a park, however it turned out to be a really nice place. Ki loved the orchids and I was pretty impressed at how in bloom things were this time of the year.

Recovering from the cold…

We took a nice 2 week break to visit family and friends over the holidays in Michigan again this year. The weather was fairly mild until we packed to leave. It was -2°F the day we left and the roads were pretty dicy. I naively looked forward to returning to the south only to find it was only 22°F when we got back to Atlanta. Today, it was 7°F when I got up… in Atlanta!

I hear warm sandy beaches calling when there’s weather like this. I think we may do a weekend in Puerto Rico soon…

Custom Piano Stand

We planned on getting Ki a new desk (Herman Miller Airia) and I got the idea a while back that I’d like to get a nicer piano stand that would match our other furniture better than the horrible black steel stand we had.

Our friend Laura Baker happens to be a wood worker so I decided to go the custom route. I have photos below of the stand, forgive the bad lighting. It matches the desk (photo below) and guest bed we got for the room. Thanks Laura, it looks great!

Family Visiting

My sister, her husband and kids came to visit us in Atlanta this October. The kids had a great time at the Atlanta Zoo and Georgia Aquarium, the Dolphin Show was a hit.

Atlanta Loft Tour

I promised a while back that I’d take some photos of our Atlanta loft. We left some old furniture in Jacksonville and are just now completing the replacements, it’s starting to shape up. We didn’t think we wanted a balcony until we saw this place and were sold on it, we’re out there playing cards all of the time now.

I have a few more projects I’m still working on like a custom piano stand and sort of letter desk for myself, I’ll post about those at a later date.